Rape: A Case Of Social Failure

Rape is not just an assault. It is worse than the murder of a being. The physical violence is only a part; it demolishes every belief, the very personality, the identity of the victim. With rising literacy and women empowerment, there is no decline in Rape instances, globally. Like an epidemic, it is spreading across all sectors in the society.

The judiciary, the laws, and systems have mostly failed to deliver enough care and respect to the ones in the critical conditions. In many countries, if rapists marrying their victims is being looked upon as justice served.

“The girl has to testify in front of the whole world that she was ravished, but the man is free until it is proven”- ENDURER A Rape Story

While writing this book, I researched a lot about rape cases in the last decade and the statistics disturbed me to no limits.

Our society has deeply embedded beliefs and social taboos like ‘she deserved it’ because of being drunk or dressing. Now and then, politicians quote on the length of the skirt being responsible for such crimes. If such was the case, there should have no Rapes in countries where women wear Hijabs. Alternatively, in semi-urban and rural areas women face physical tortures daily, forcing a need to rethink upon women’s conditions.

“During my research for the novel, I came to know of the case where the innocent girl was violated by her brother because she topped in the board exam and he had failed.”

Though we have started to understand and acknowledge the pain and offer help when we read any new rape case, the problem lies in the treatment of the victims. Our judgments are still based out of deep-rooted social coding. Even the sufferer, forces self to blame and undergoes a torturous and harrowing time, getting secondary wounding by the near and dear ones.

“In a few villages, if the girl is raped. She is not allowed to participate in holy rituals.”

Much more attention is required than a one-day candle march or sharing a post on a photograph. If systems are big to change, we can start with ourselves, first. There is no reason why the victim has to suffer the humiliation or being looked down upon. It is our responsibility for learning to support by listening to their stories, give hands to the fears and love them more than ever. Do not direct them a society decided life path line from school to marriage and children because they would not know where they are in that stage of life. The trauma will keep them dragging down again, and again yet we should be ready to assist them instead of placing guilt.

“The human soul is beyond the definitions of the physical barriers and nothing in this world in its full attempt can make it impure. Hence the individual’s esteem and honor are always with her. This body, ravished or abused, never matters.”

The things are changing. The society is evolving. One case at a time. The moral policing will begin from home and it requires each one of us to stand united against this heinous crime. It will begin when we stop victimizing the survivor or out casting her. Let us not support the perpetrators of the crime and get over old beliefs.

To all the rape survivors-

She is not a victim. She is a warrior who fought for her rights and today I stand by her side and support her in her fight to justice. I do. Do you?

A version of this was first published here