Ultimate Technique to handle Relationship Fights

Kapil Raj - Endurer - Realistespresso

Yes, you had a fight in a relationship. You have thrown your favorite mug, shattered your mobile, burnt down his or her dresses (all in imagination off course!!!). Trying to find out a solution, a magic. Here take this, ‘RINGARDIUM-nothing-works’.
Mate, your Valentine has just reflected the most “HONEST” form of the personality. Sounds unreasonable? Go on, grab some #realistespresso shots which will definitely trance you into a state of self-realization. Remember this is not a list of reasons or geeky relationship advice, but a way to delve into the situation and make you ready to orgasm out a solution for the recent couple fight.

1. Analyze
Why did this happen? She was my fairy, my doodle-doo. He was my Thor-y Bear. He yelled at me. She bit my thigh. We were the love of each other. STOP. You disagreed with another person. Nobody can tolerate a clone of itself. Every person constitutes a unique personality. And few likable traits make you imagine that you are in love for life. Boomerang! The reality, my friend, is the opposite. Movies are the monsters of life. Love is about accepting the follies, filling the gaps. So think again, what exactly happened? Step into her shoes, imagine riding his bike while remembering the things you like about each other.

2. Feel It
Your matey feels as terrible as you. The overreactions are part of it. “Ok, it was my fault, but he called my mother, a raspberry macaroon!!!”, “How dare she flush my SpongeBob in the toilet, ahh my male ego, oh it hurts!!! Get over it. Most of the times, we are not angry on the real problem but on what she said, or he said. It is always better to ignore the heat exchanges and try to feel and think what went wrong. Remember your lovey-tuvey expects a lot from you. And those expectation makes them weak because they depend on you. And the fights are the outcomes of not able to understand or fulfill those expectations

3. First Step
Never shy for this heroic attempt. Show some large-heartedness, poke a finger, make him a coffee and wait. He will break down in your arms. Or just hug her, don’t let her go and until she falls back on your shoulder. Trust this, for the moment you would blame a ghost of you fighting, but you love your partner so much

4. Remember
Before doing something which wrecks your relation, think of times when you used to be together. All that God gifted moments of togetherness when the world used to feel like heaven. When you were crying hidden from the world, she was there to hold your hand. He made every occasion like a festival in the desert. Those memories, are like the desserts with an everlasting sweetness. Relish them, who cares for a small argument.

5. “Duck Technique”
Here comes the masterstroke, the ultimate technique to handle relationship fights. Handed carefully by the dad by whispering on a fateful day. The advice swooped my nerves and made a constant place in my mind. Your partner had a bad day, he is pointing faults in everything you are doing, she is taking out wrong meanings in whatever you say. Just be water. The silence bomb.

Just be water. The silence bomb.

Do not hush a word, keep smiling and avoid all the fire. Let him be unreasonable, don’t reply. Whatever you feel, talk out on next day, or a week later. But at that moment, stay calm. It works every time. (Don’t judge me, it comes with warranty, not guarantee) Well if it works, don’t be shy to share the pearls of wisdom and save your Valentine.